Friday, March 30, 2012

7. My Life > Your Life ????

Today I was discussing issues with one of the students. Well he could ignite this tiny idea in my mind, to re-think, re-write in English blog, why sorrow is normal and suffering is optional..

Sorrow, suffering, sadness , disappointments , departures of our loved ones , all these do happen to each and every one, may be each and every day. There’s no time, there no turn or a moment we can expect. Can we ever schedule, postpone or delay the sufferings, even if we want?


Depressing, disappointing things bring discomfort to our lives. It is a  feeling of difficulty of breathing, living and spending each and every moment of time. We wish if we could, erase that portion of happenings from our lives.

But can we? Can we really do that?

Every unfavorable time, we tend to say to us, "why me?" "Why did this happen to only me?" "Why do I not deserve happiness like they do?"  "Why am i the one selected to suffer ?"

 Why why why???

Well.... I got something to say...

Don’t forget, everyone smiles. Everyone loves fun. But none of them have the perfect happiness, at  least a part of it. But when you are in deep pain, you see they all seem relaxed. But remember , our eyes does illusions. It’s not the truth.

As you smile, as you use your smile to ease the pain, everyone does the same. No difference! suffering is inherited in our lives by birth. Pains, hurts, losses, tears, injustice ... I can give many names to those bad times. But didn’t you think, suffering is something deviating from the smooth run.

I once learned these... why suffer?  Why CONTINUE suffering? Pain is eternal. But suffering is optional! Don’t you think so . I do.

When i faced an utmost, most fearful loss in my life, yes I suffered! I hid in a room for months! I cried alone! At night! At dark! While traveling home by bus even! I cried! I asked myself.. Why me??? What’s wrong with only my fate? For several days says and days, yes it was that QUESTIONING TIME!

But after few weeks , I learned ,the questions I asked were not questions, they were signs of  regrets, symbols of  wounds of  unarguable losses ! Then I learned , NO , if there’s a question , not solvable within my limit, why go behind to solve? Let me be me, let me pray! It was that PRAYING  TIME !

After some days I realized prayers work. Prayers didn’t solve the question,. Prayers gave me energy to believe that suffering is optional! Yes I decided at that moment, Pain will arrive and vanish time to time, some are intense, and some are not. Pain can live with me.
“But I’m not going to SUFFER ANYMORE ! I’m not going to entertain  nor water YOU ‘PAIN’. Not anymore”

 Yes , it was when the prayers worked !

when I made a choice , between suffering, living and winning the rest of my life, yeah , I am that stone heart determined myself , the third option  - WINNING THE REST OF MY LIFE !

I win...! I believe in what prayers gave me! The strength to neglect the typical discouraging factors! The strength to neglect the typical views of the society. !

 There I Win. ! Not the entire world ! I WON the LOVE of my OWN HEART towards MY SELF !




  1. Itz really true, success is depend on mind. isn't it ?

    1. yes tharaka,
      success, happiness , sadness... all these are states of mind. if we have the proper control, we have won the life.

  2. yes it's quit true as well as a wonderful lesson for weak hearten people...but some times some disappointments lead us to suffer whenever the movements we remember, though we severely trying to forget the incident..isn't it?? useful article, jeewithe mal..:)

    1. Thanks so much reeza.... U have becme one of my regular readers..... Thanks alot. Im sorry i cudnt stay in touch with my english blog so often. But i do neither wanna disappoint my loving readers too.

      Thanks again....

  3. life is a challenge, we've to face it ..there are so many valuable tips in this article for that..:)

    1. Thanks alot for your valuable comment. Please come again to read sansaareE

  4. yes, 100% true :) success is depend on mind
    a important lesson,
    Thank you teacher... :)

    1. Thanks alot malaka. Im happy my students read my writes and take them to life..... :)

  5. It's all of this that you describe that I just love about life. Whether it's sad or happy.

    1. Hiiiiiii.....

      Thanks alot...... :)

      I too am a person who loves my own life than other things in the world