Wednesday, March 7, 2012

4. The Story of a Desert Flower

This is a story of a desert flower. A flower never watered , but drank all of her strength again and again , lent her kind smile and forgiving hands all the time whoever in need. A flower of a pleasurable sight. A flower which never hid her yellow petals from the world's eyes.

once upon a time... yes, let me quit.

Because she nods me and says , Nah am a little tree now.  I am growing to a little tree. A tree , a shade , a shelter now, a tall one, where no one could sit at my branches. A tree that anyone would sit and rest underneath.

I remember her, weeping at me, may be even trying to escape the entire traumatic situation before few years. I remember her talking to me hours and hours, for the pain she went through. I am definite today , she wouldn't tell her story to a newspaper , or to a novelist, because she , herself is a legend, where a great lyricist or a novelist wouldn't be able to word.

She smiles at me , tells me ,

you know , 

Life seems miserable when you are clouded with uncertainty , crowded with problems with no nearing visible solutions.

But That's the same period of life, teaching you how proud you should be , about how brave and outstanding you were , even to simply SURVIVE !

Remember , just like this desert flower, YOU ULTIMATELY STANDOUT !!!!!!!


  1. Instead of being one of a bunch of flowers in a garden of flowers and live happily ever after,
    it's worth more so to be the solitary flower blooming on a parched desert and just survive,

    Oh yeah, Dil... oh yeah ,she survived..... isn't it just great and wonderful too?, SHE IS A SURVIVOR if not any thing else.....

    She survived and that's all that matters, nothing else....