Monday, March 5, 2012

3. Ignorance/Rememberance of Death !

 Ben's Death , is all what I thought for days.!  I really felt regretting i kept this motion picture for more than 8 months , unwatched and not cared. but finally I made it. I made it such a golden opportunity to open my mind to a path which was completely blind on my life.

Death. Death was treated as a synonym for stupidity. But the other day , I started asking my self , was his death really useless? was it plain stupid ? was it a sin? sin nor good? He left me in a pint where i couldn't margin the good and evil.

He lost his love. okay , its that common movie script. he took 6 more lives. It wasn't all he intended. But unintentional means unforgivable. As a friend commented on this, a murderer wouldn't regret as Ben did. Ben couldn't forgive himself, he wasn't killing. That's what Ben thought. Ben wanted to give his life , not for nothing, but for 7 dying souls , who were really needed for the betterment of the world.

Ben at last , finds the 7- Emily.  . realizing something that wasn't in his 'plan' as well. That was 'Love'. Love to Emily Posa, the dying 'heart'..

Ben still decides to stick to the plan. Ben wants to die. Die for a reason.I remember a close uncle of mine once said , DIE FREE , LIVE WELL.... and Ben is lucky , he died for a reason to give life to seven dying souls.

Dying is painful. Living is painful too.


  1. සිංහලෙං කොමෙන්ටු දැම්මට කමක් නැද්දත් මන්දා.....

  2. Dying is painful, But dying for a cause would diminish the pain considerably,

    When you are dying as a mean of redemption you could die happily it's just like snuffing out a burning matchstick....

    Will smith....I just adore him....thanks Dil..I don't know how I missed such a heart wrenching film....thanks again,

    1. will smith is one of my heros. reason: its his wonderful ability to act. or live in such a personality.

      dying isnt always meaningless ya? as i feel. dying can have meanings. but not according to buddhism...

      well ... lets say.. dying is an ultimate fact. its the only thing known to us, proved to us , by birth.