Thursday, September 20, 2012

9. Shall we dance ?

When I was a little girl, I seriously dreamed something really really unusual, which is to become a journalist! A  lady who speaks on Radio, goes on those press conferences. May be as a kid seeing TV Newscast I used to dream  a woman who could talk and inspire others.

Well,  I couldn't be a journalist , nor someone called a 'giant personality'. I ended up struggling with numbers, calculus , organic chemistry and mechanics! and finally management as well!

And most amazingly, would you believe it was nightmare to become a teacher . All I wanted was ANY job but not a teacher.

Life changes in such a surprising way , life moves where we don't want to end up at. 

Well this is how I used to think about me and my life , when it kept going in to chemistry , IT , Management and Teaching! yea, I spent few years asking why? why ? why? and why? Why me always been chosen to be whom I don't want to ?

After few years , the organs called my brain and my heart , realized the value of being united. Being an integrated element of wisdom. It (Wisdom) knocked my head asking , did all these expectations not came true, ended you in utter failure?

I started thinking again...

Well Shah Rukh Khan had a zoology degree and ended up in Bollywood. Steve Jobs - a college drop out, ended up in making Computers and software.

Does our degree and life passion need alignment always . If it was yes for you, well you are a lucky one! But...

Is a degree , just end of the rest of the future and your life passions? Being a science graduate , should you always be a Scientist? Being an IT Degree holder, should you always be a software engineer ?

As per my view,  its time to pause this traditional Degree> Job> Family> Die Life Chain. You must have been dreaming to model. Why think your  Bsc. in Chemistry a barrier to it ? why think you need to graduate in Modelling to enter in to the profession? All are Myths! As long as you have passion and patience towards whom you dream to be, you need not worry. You are NEVER late !!!!

Well... You learn one thing , you use it for career , earn from a different job , and WHY NOT LIVE ENTIRELY YOUR DREAM LIFE?????. Why you put a full stop for what you are really hunting for? why not let your passion or dream be your part time work?

Don't you think that your career , your job, your education are 'relief factors' to freely concentrate in your life opportunities? I do always think so. I shouldn't have been blogging here , roaming for book shopping if I weren't really earning enough. As I have my education, its a relief I job and earn. Thinking like that , made me love my education and career a lot. I am always grateful that I have time to enjoy my life as I don't need to work like a laborer all day !

Well, what about someone keep blaming to the rest of the world for forcing ? for forcing things that didn't help your dream?

But Tell me did your complain work? Sitting and regretting for not graduating in your dream field , will did make some difference?

I learned to think differently. I learned to accept and be blessed for who I am today. I learned to remember what I gained by chemistry although I don't even remember the chemical formula for benzene, moreover IT, Management and teaching ..Then it really clicked me, my job and my education ( something i initially didn't fall in love) has made me a matured woman with versatile thinking. And most of all, my destiny today has turned me  in to a woman who loves her job , loves the long way she came up to now, and a woman who believe there's more and more room  now to hunt the dreams she used to have.

Now I am more stable and matured to chase behind my dreams !! Don't I ??

I learned Chemistry , I pampered my fed up head with IT , I earn from Teaching, and grew in to master Management ..  And I LIVE for my dream with a happier and stable mind today!!! Howzat ??? ;-)

When it is RAINING , and when you don't like it , the silver-lights on the sky  seem like A THUNDER of danger to your sight ! 
when it is RAINING , and when you look at it as a SHOWER OF JOY , you would start counting seconds for the silver dashes , and the climax would be A DANCE IN THE RAIN !