Friday, March 2, 2012

1. First Day of the Circle of Life

This is.. and This is.. and this is... my blog. a place where i write my simple thoughts, in the ever simplest form of speech , and please my friends, I'm just a writer of freestyle, a person whose thoughts are writable. I am not a professional writer, professionally I am a lecturer. The things I talk, will be the things i write, as I talk.

This is especially for those who find so so uneasy with my sinhala posts , at sansaare. So in here , its just an E , sansaareE :-) which is the english version of the thoughts .

Welcome! and Have a Nice day all !!!

Yesterday was history ,
Tomorrow is a mystery,
But Today is a gift,
Thats why its called THE PRESENT !


  1. Dear Dilshara Akka,
    wish u all the best for ur new blog and hope u'll give us simple and useful posts to read as ur sinhala blog from now on.

    1. Thanks so much sihina malliyaa... welcome my 1st comment writer!!!! cheers!

  2. Congrats for success nangi, cheers

  3. We are keen to read your articles. Congrats... Cheers then... May god's help be with you always!

  4. hoda adahasak nangi..ape demala,muslim yaluwanta meka godak vatina blog ekak vei. mokada, mama kawadawath dakala na sansaare api sinhala blog page eke, eka demala ho muslim yaluwekwath member kenek hatiyata hari comment karala thiyanawa hari... ema nisa, mama hithanne sansaare in english blog eka, eyala kameththen kiyawai kiyala.

    1. Thanks alot Janu. And glad to see you have turned in to a regular reader of my writes. Thanks again.

  5. Life goes definitely in a circle Dil, It goes around and around and around, If you stop for a moment and think rationally so is every thing else in this world, for that matter even in this whole universe, sun cycles around the center of milky way galaxy, earth goes around the sun and so on.....

    So is life, we go around and around with the focal point being something or.....some body...........that's why its called the cycle of life...

    Well by this whole beating about the bush what I wanted to say was that the name of your blog is definitely & exactly appropriate....heh, heh,

    Keep on writing Dil, My warmest best wishes.....

    1. yeah ravi ayiyaa... i always love the concept of round walks :) because thats nature? thats life.
      even a rain drop cant escape the fact that nature is round. he he. and cyclic ..
      thanks alot.
      sure u r a great friend :)

  6. this would be nice akki, many of ur readers may like this page too.

    @janu : aiyiya oya kiyana eka hari, a unata mama poddakwath ekaga na janu aiyage pahatha sadahan kotasa ekka

    "mama kawadawath dakala na sansaare api sinhala blog page eke, eka demala ho muslim yaluwekwath member kenek hatiyata hari comment karala thiyanawa hari"

    regular readers & some members inne wiwida nam walin. a aya sinhala da demalada, muslim da kiyala kawruth danne na. aiya mehema kiwwata passe man hoyala baluwa sansaare api sinhala blog eke godak thanwala mama dakala thiwanawa muslim yaluwek (acording to name) comment karala thiyanawa a wagema eya ekey member kenek. sanaasre api page 227, 228, 229, 230, 232 & 233 - comments tika balanna. tharaha venna epa aiya yamak kiyanna kalin eka sanaatha karaganna oni neda. dilshara akki mama harida..? :)

    1. hi nimashi ,
      am so sorry i have forgotten to reply to this comment.
      there are various readers in to sansaare nangi , and now sansaareE too. im glad my little effort to make the world a better place , i am on the process of trying it.
      so i am very happy u guys enjoy what i write.
      Thanks again and sorry 4 d late reply once again