Thursday, October 18, 2012

10. Essence of Team Spirit !

Last Tuesday , was a remarkable day in my life. I have passed many never-forgetting days , I CTRL+S the ones which seem really worth saving in my memory ..

I saw my bunch of kids (of course they are really big kids ) were smelling 'paint' & were back to their child hood scrap book work , making kiddy looking notice boards for other departments. Of course they were adorable ! adorable with the smell of paint and team effort!!

A Team ! and Team work is never be learned on parroting BELBIN's team roles ! Belbin has nothing to do in a book but in the real world. I heard the kids were arguing , playing music , making lists , shouting , laughing , without even having their lunch , they were all in to 'smelling paint' ... I was aside watching jealously their young spirit , their adoring life enjoying to the fullest !

after all , i knew they felt what a TEAM is... its more than just capitalizing the word ! Its more than just saying Hi to each other. Its where people feel each other , talk , say what they feel what they have to do...

A team cant exist despite of the problems , but it is where the beauty begins ! it is where life begins ! a man can build a house alone ! practically yes, even after centuries , he can say the house was a success !! but who else is there to have a snack with him , sitting inside that one man newly build house ? who is there to enjoy life in it with him? who is there to ask his legend of how this house was built ? who is there to clap , find faults or argue on changing the way it looks like ? is it a house ? yes .. but is that a home ? hell NO !

A team is a family , a family full of DIFFERENT beings , you live , you love , you argue , you fight , you learn and you always admit that the entire earth is a bunch of inter dependent components ! you help, you laugh , you weep, you joke , you blast , end of the day you are a team ! you achieve as a team..

a bunch of different guys finally flavour the taste of success. you forget who worked ,, who didn't you fought , who gave up, you join hands with everyone ,  forget the past and share the joy of success ! it is quite a different feeling you earn , when a bunch laughs , hi five to each other at the end of a team success ! and its way way way different , when you study alone , pass an exam with flying colours !

for the latter , you hear praises , you hi five with your mirror image , its only you who is proud of what you are !

learn to share ! learn to team with ! learn to talk, fight , cry and achieve a TEAM SUCCESS!