Friday, August 3, 2012

8. Do you love you?

While I was browsing for nice quotes , i seriously fell in love with what I found...  And I looked at the mirror to ask my self , Do You ???

Hell No ! Some times back ! It was NO. I regret to have a sensitive skin with pimples , the body that easily runs out of BMI with few plates of fried rice, a heart that easily gets hurt and weep in public.

But today , I realized I have seriously started to fall in love with my self.

Then I asked again, are you blindly and madly admiring you ? Do you boast and started thinking that you are the sexiest and prettiest and greatest and whatever 'est' possible ?? :)  Luckily my heart said 'No',


Once again , this thought ignited an idea in my mind, can we really love another person, if we don't appreciate our selves?
can I accept another one as he/she is , if I can not love who I am?

I started thinking and thinking...

We are not perfect. We are not born fair, born pretty , born talented nor born performers. But we are born with so much of potential , an energy still hidden in millions of neurons and brain cells.

To perform, we must work for a target. to achieve , we need to dream and plan for it. to plan , we need faith on unused millions of brain slots , still waiting to be used.

When I work for a dream, It makes me happy saying my self , I'm a performer!
When I have beautiful people around me , It makes me feel lucky and confident about my fate!
When I loose , It makes me happy that I can bear the pains !
When I am under pressure, It feels me being tested for threshold ! 

everyday I wake up, I whisper my self,

I love who I am, MY mezzy hair , my tanned , pimple prone skin, home made philosophies , and useless analysis of life (sometimes) has made a rare being with beauty , which I believe to be true , so as My loved ones too would do !