Saturday, March 3, 2012

2. Reading Minds

Mind reading was mind blowing to me once. Reading or scanning a human face was initially such an interesting fact to me. Infact I do still. I enjoy still. but was it a total enjoyment? or did it make me feel disappointed or sad?

This was a paradox of thoughts. learning about a human , and that skill could be your gift and your curse. Whats read could be hurtful , or could be very pathetic to know. Reading minds might be a way to sharpen the thinking. makes it possible to analyse a situation. but too much analysis? you know nothing's good when its excessive. be Careful! you will be addicted to thinking ! :-)

Well... This is a very simple piece of write, reading and scanning a human mind. Good to scan, good to stay away from fooling around, as long as you are not using it for analyzing every aspect of life.

when you read, its a good idea to learn give up. if you cant give up the chain of thoughts after it, well you are in trouble. don't judge by reading. Instead learn. its the secret to happiness.

remember . reading minds is mind blowing. but learning others thoughts can be sometimes killing. especially when they still fool around, assuming you never read their minds :-) ha a ha a ha a :D


  1. Mind reading...heh, heh, what a fascinating & interesting subject indeed,

    Dil, you sure have this uncanny knack of selecting an extraordinary thesis to write about.....

    Well, In my opinion mind reading is a double edged sword....there are some things in this world you can do without, mind reading is definitely one of would be better off without that ability,

    What would you feel if you get to know how your parents, your siblings , your neighbours and your colleagues really feel about you, deep down in their hearts?....what a scary thought...just thinking about that makes my hair stand on end...well actually whats left of be frank....heh, heh,

    As someone said so long ago " Ignorance is bliss "

    Sometime ago I came across an amazing science fiction short story by Isaac the distant future we have a super computer ...the pinnacle of artificial intelligence...and do you know it can read minds..and the duty assigned by its creator is to read human minds and take necessary precautions & remedial measures to prevent crimes, suicides & other unfortunate happenings....

    Well, before long it starts to behave rather strangely....actually it makes so many totally wrong decisions that his creator gets suspicious,

    Finally they, I mean the creator and the creation have a heart to heart talk...

    " I can't go on like this much longer....reading all those depressing,miserable thoughts of all mankind had made my life unbearable...I want simply to die " says the computer, very close to crying , if it can cry it would have cried definitely.....

    Well, that's enough of depressing thoughts regarding mind reading.......

    There is a lighter side to it too...Dil, I am sure you have heard that story about mind goes like this,

    One day a Gamarala was having a bath in a stream and suddenly he loses his " amude", when he tried to get out of water....oh god Loku Hamuduruvo comes along and he had to jump back to the stream again......and this Loku Hamuduruvo is a notorious case of a continous talker ...." kochchiyak" in simple sinhala....well I dont have to tell the whole story....Do I now?

    1. hey , I would like to 'like' most of all, IGNORANCE IS BLISS !!!!

      yes I think all buddhists would agree and know this. because ignorance leads to peace. when you hold things and process things too much , life becomes very complicated. life seems unending complex.

      in fact , death could be one we cant ignore and death could be the only things we should forget. because its whats all written at our birth. nothings for sure than the death for born mankind.

      you know , yes , i don't agree if someone expects death to happen or if someone tries to make it happen by force. but if some one can accept the fact that we are to die, i think its very easy to handle things, especially ignore and forgive things.

      life isn't complex neda ravi ayiya. instead WE MAKE IT COMPLEX ! isn't it :-)