Friday, August 2, 2013

13. What LOVE is all about ....

Love had been one of the most discussed phenomenon in the world. Love can have definitions that can fill books and shelves of it.

Have fallen in love for 10 years , today i should say to me, ' Girl , should a human make such a number of mistakes to find where your heart song come from?'

As in Happy feet , every penguin has a heart song, well i have understood today that i too got a heart song, where NOT any man could see a rhythm in it.

My love means just a perfection of my own globe.

A man who is just a MALE version of mine, who loves every simple mistake of my life. Who can see the wonder in my soul rather pointing at every single weakness of mine.

A man who loves people and my desires . A man who always is open for anything i wish to do , any dream that comes to my mind....

Starting from tattoos , to piecing and hippy dreams of traveling and living a simple life... Can a man on earth say yes and okay to very single desire in my untamed open heart? Can any in-laws on earth say yes to such 'considered terrible' girls dreams ? Well thats the perfect point that a girl like me can anchor the rest of the life.

Love gives me everything to be just me, in his perfectly beautiful world... Thank you my beautiful love who is not an exploration of mine , but my folks who were worried about a girl reaching thirties single and manless.

How could you be proposed to me by my parents ? You have been proposed by god to give life to poor girl who suffered enough for thirty years !

Thank you my love !

I could be the most irritating girl you could find on earth. But it was you who could always say , 'just because u r aggressiveness , i cant let you go, so lets correct your anger , but never give up this love '

Wow.. Isn't this my whole life waited for ? No doubt .. Its yes ...

here I write my definition of LOVE,

LOVE is the feeling that you feel you are just yourself , and your partner feels the same , while sharing a compassion that you are never able to share with some other being...

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